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Industry Examples

Industry Examples: Elevating Brands Across Sectors

Explore the diverse applications of signage across industries, where Parkinson Signs has been a trusted partner in delivering top-notch quality and innovative solutions.

Brewery Signage: Crafting Brands for Over 60 Years

Established Relationships

With over 60 years of experience, Parkinson Signs has cultivated strong relationships with leading breweries in the UK. We understand the paramount importance of getting the brand right in the brewing industry.

Comprehensive Offerings

Our brewery signage solutions include gold leaf finished lettering, amenity boards, chalk boards, flood lighting, full lighting schemes, post-mounted pictorials, A-boards, traditional sign writing, and pictorials. Additionally, we provide parasols, windbreaks, awnings, smoking solutions, menu and poster display cases, and planning applications.

Education Signage: Nurturing Learning Environments

Vast Experience

Parkinson Signs has collaborated with numerous educational establishments, bringing vast experience to producing interior and exterior signage for Junior Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Project Management Excellence

From one-off directional signs to bespoke comprehensive signage schemes, our team has the expertise to manage projects efficiently, ensuring a seamless integration of signage into educational environments.

Health Signage: Navigating the Healthcare Landscape

Extensive Experience

With considerable experience in healthcare signage, we provide solutions for a variety of institutions, from local health centers to private hospitals.

Local Authorities: Partnering in Planning and Design

Collaborative Approach

Working closely with Local Authorities, Parkinson Signs is actively involved in the planning and design of new builds and refurbishments. This includes signage for car parks, leisure centers, and more.

Regulatory Knowledge

Armed with extensive knowledge of Local Authority regulations, we anticipate and address potential challenges in projects. Our collaboration with Local Authority departments ensures a smooth process, avoiding complications.

Retail Signage: Communicating Brands Effectively

Understanding Brand Communication

Recognizing the importance of effective brand communication to the public, Parkinson Signs has collaborated with individual retailers and national chains. Our experience informs future consultations, allowing us to extend our expertise to enhance your brand consistently.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Continued investment in the latest sign-making technology and production techniques ensures the faithful retention of brand identity. Your fascia is presented professionally, and services include feature signs, digitally printed wallpaper, murals, digital art, vinyl graphics, floor graphics, poster frames, and planning applications.

Elevate Your Brand Across Industries

At Parkinson Signs, our commitment to excellence transcends industries. Whether you’re in brewing, education, healthcare, local governance, or retail, our team is ready to elevate your brand through innovative and high-quality signage solutions.

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