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Interior Decor Signs

Transform Your Space with Interior Decor Signs

First impressions are everything. The moment customers step inside your business, they immediately form an impression of who you are, what you do – and, most importantly, if they want to do business with you. That’s why the interior décor of your business must sell you. That includes just about everything that is in the line of sight of customers, including the walls, floors, counters, and reception desk. Parkinson Signs can help you make a great impression with our interior décor signs, graphics, and displays. We offer everything from printed floor mats to murals to fine art prints and can customize each to fit your brand style guidelines.

Interior décor is a great way to extend your brand image and personality. It’s also an additional way to convey helpful information to your customers. We can create easy-to-read menu and display boards and digital signs as well as floor graphics and directional signs to guide your customers to a certain area. Being creative is something we are passionate about and we can’t wait to show you all the amazing things we can do. The possibilities are endless.

Products and services may vary by location. Please reach out to your local Parkinson Signs center for more information.

Custom Canvas Signs

Enhance Your Interior Décor

Turn almost any photo, illustration or design into a fine art print using professionally printed canvas from Parkinson Signs. Custom canvas signs and prints provide a backdrop to enhance any space or quickly transform your interior décor in a professional office, lobby, medical facility and more.

There are several benefits to custom canvas prints. Here are a few:

  • Assist with Branding: Custom canvas signs provide a simple way to carry your brand identity and message throughout any space. They can communicate your message to employees, clients and visitors alike.
  • Easy to Hang: Unlike some forms of branding décor, custom canvas prints are a sign application that is simple to install. Enhance your interior space by adding these to your comprehensive branding package.
  • Customizable: Whether it’s a photograph that highlights the city your office is located in or a design on canvas that updates your space for more consistent branding and messaging, this is an easily customizable option for any space.
  • High Quality: Both the look of a custom canvas print and the product itself communicate high quality in a room. They can help quickly upgrade any area and provide a professional feel to all patrons of your business or organization.

Canvas Sign FAQ:

  • What materials are used to make your Custom Canvas Signs? Our canvas signs are made from high-quality, durable poly-cotton blend fabric for the best color vibrancy and longevity.
  • How can I maintain or clean my custom canvas sign? To keep your canvas sign in pristine condition, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or water. Dust off gently with a dry cloth when necessary.
  • Do you provide design assistance if I want help creating artwork for my custom canvas sign? Yes, we have a team of experienced designers who would be happy to assist you with designing perfect imagery for your custom canvas sign.

Custom canvas signs can be used across an array of industries. What are some common décor uses for custom canvas signs?

  • Medical Facility: Welcome patients with branded canvas prints
  • Business Entryway: Set the tone of your business for employees and visitors
  • School Athletic Walls: Images can immortalize school sports figures
  • Advertising Agencies: Print almost any image onto canvas to create creative pieces for a collaborative space
  • Spa Rooms: Demonstrate health, wellness and relaxation in spa guest areas with wall mounted fine art prints.
  • Restaurants: Create the perfect dining experience with the right types of custom prints
  • Conference Rooms: Design a productive working environment for employees to gather

For further information, please contact us.

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Wall and Building Lettering

Make Your Branding Stand Out

Wall and building lettering is customizable to your measurements and specifications. It can be temporary or permanent and include photos or vibrant messages. Letters can be created in various sizes and colors to reflect your brand requirements and personality. These types of installations can include everything from dimensional letters to channel letters, sometimes lit or backlit.

Here are a variety of ways that you might see wall and building lettering being used:

  • Within an office, medical facility or organization lobby Dimensional letters and signs are often incorporated onto a wall in a lobby or behind a front desk so anyone who enters knows they are in the correct location. This type of sign can also assist with creating and maintaining brand recognition in any industry. Custom dimensional signs are often found in highly visible areas, and sign experts can help you decide what medium of sign creativity might be best for welcoming your guests inside. These types of signs are an eye-catching art piece inside lobbies. Many well-known companies employ unique lobby signs as one way to showcase their logo, slogans, mottos and more.
  • Inside a church Wall lettering can be seen at an Info center in a religious organization or on the exterior of the building as a way to create brand consistency.
  • Throughout a restaurant, retail or corporate space Often, slogans, branding statements, company values and more are great ways to create a comprehensive branding strategy within a location.
  • Hung in conference and training rooms For employees, customers and visitors alike, dimensional signs can provide a focal point and make a statement that reinforces your brand and/or message. Businesses can combine dimensional letters with other sign materials to create custom graphics that stand out from the wall and look like art.
  • Exterior dimensional signs These larger than life signs installed on the exterior of a building provide a visual marker, signaling traffic to a desired location. Building signs can use dimensional letters and logos to provide brand awareness and draw visitors or customers into your space.

Which type of building letter is preferable, plastic or metal? Metal letters offer a strong, long-lasting appearance but come at a higher cost. Plastic three-dimensional letters boast an appealing glossy surface and are more economical than metal counterparts. While the former is heavier with its unique texture, plastic versions are lightweight and less expensive to manufacture in shorter time