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Message Boards, Digital Signs, and Displays

Project Your Message in a Variety of Ways

Digital message boards and interactive signage are some of the best ways to convey your message to the right people at the right time. At Parkinson Signs, we can design these and other signs and graphics to help you communicate with your customers. Message boards and digital displays are a great way to promote specials, introduce customers to new products and services, celebrate achievements, and so much more.

Parkinson Signs will work closely with you to understand what your goals are so that we can customize the perfect signage solution. Every business is unique, and different types of signs work better than others depending on your needs. Our local teams have extensive experience and know what works well and can guide you to making the best decisions.

Digital Display Boards

Visually Communicate Your Brand Message Quickly and Conveniently

Digital display boards have a wide variety of jobs and can help you accomplish an array of challenges. Whether you need to help visitors get where they need to go, inform someone of all that your space has to offer as well as upcoming events, or welcome new prospects with brand recognition, this solution is the perfect tool for the job. In addition, Parkinson Signs’ platform allows you to easily update and edit your digital directory information, including brand messaging, tenant information, RSS feeds, and more.

Digital Kiosks

Elevate Your Brand Message with Digital Sign Kiosks

Digital kiosks are self-contained sign options for helping you communicate multiple messages in the same compact space. They can be placed in a lobby, retail area, waiting area, hallway, break room, or any other location. They are an easily changeable option, and you can make immediate changes to the content by adding a media player to the digital kiosk. Scheduling of content can be executed locally or remotely over the internet.

At Parkinson Signs, we offer cost-effective digital signage kiosks to create powerful visual communication. Make your message stand out - request a quote for a customized digital signage solution today!

Digital Menu Boards

Integrate Your Brand Message with a Dynamic Digital Menu Display

A digital menu board is a sleek, electronic display of the menu you provide at your locale. Often displayed on a television screen, they can also be mounted on the wall. These applications vibrantly display a host of options for your customers to easily view before they get to the point of purchase. Digital menu boards also provide the ability to change messaging to better match your viewer’s needs. Parkinson Signs provides professional-grade digital menu boards that can display during specific desired time frames or be up 24/7.

Digital Signage

Create an Incredible Impact Through the Use of Digital Signs & Messages

Digital signs combine video, graphics, sound, text, and animation to get your message to the right audience, at the right time. Parkinson Signs offers three types of digital sign solutions to meet your communication needs: a simple “plug and play” option, a web-based system, and a custom, multifaceted enterprise solution. Eye-catching digital signs attract attention with colorful and captivating content. Digital messaging can introduce new products or services, inform students about campus programs, promote offers and events, recognize staff achievements, and much more. Digital signs can boost sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI), and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Whether plug and play systems are what you need, or you prefer web-based systems or our multifaceted enterprise solution, Parkinson Signs truly has you covered in any capacity. We’re more than ready to solve your visual communications challenge with digital signs that help you increase your visibility and get your message out.

Eye-Catching Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

FASTSIGNS specializes in all types of signage, including marquee signs. These popular signs are great for catching the attention of customers - they are designed to be visually appealing. These outdoor digital signage displays can feature vibrant colors, bold fonts, and fun graphics that will help your business stand out among competitors. What’s more is that Parkinson Signs marquees come in both indoor and outdoor varieties! Outdoors, the digital signage displays keep your brand on display day and night with powerful lights embedded within them for maximum visibility in all environmental conditions. Digital sign technology also allows you to easily control messages from a remote location at any time. Your custom designs will reach your community more quickly than ever before!

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